Conference rooms

Versatile and user friendly solutions for any conference room.



Control sound, light and picture on the big screen, produce quality presentation to a larger audience.


Digital Signage

Target the right information at the right time for maximum impact.



From design to maintenance, AVconcept offers all necessary services to accommodate your needs.

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We are the Finland’s most innovative AV integrator, providing collaboration solutions and services for businesses around Finland. We provide leading-edge technology that is reinventing workplace communication and improving the ability of individuals, organisations, and businesses to collaborate. We create opportunities for unified communication, leveraging technology and data infrastructures that already exist in your operation.
We partner with the most innovative communication technology providers, ensuring our clients have access to the most advanced, secure, and effective AV and collaboration solutions available today.



What sets AVconcept apart from any other system integrator in Finland?
Our ability to scale technical products and services to any size and need. Our understanding of the connection between AV and IT have made it possible for us to support also large and complex AV systems, connected video devices, and collaboration tools. And this capability can also be leveraged to support smaller organisations more effectively.
We are leaders in the Finnish AV industry and what drives us is our focus on positive customer experience. Our philosophy is that we grow together, creating partnerships for lifetime success.